Average UK Broadband Speeds Are Faster Than Ever As Full Fibre Makes A Mark


Current investments in full fibre and cable infrastructure have seen the average UK broadband speed to increase by a 20% since the start of the pandemic.

As lockdown restricted actions and activities involving social distancing, the role of online connectivity has never been more required. With households across the nation relying on their broadband services for many facets of their life, including entertainment, communication, work and e-commerce.

The vast majority of connections in the UK are delivered via fibre to the cabinet technology, which utilises copper cables for the connection from the cabinet to your home. However, companies such as Openreach, Mia Direct and others are investing in fibre to premise (FTTP), while Virgin Media are rolling out their full fibre and gigabit cable technology.

As reported by Ofcom, 24% of properties (7 million) can now gain access to full fibre capabilities, an increase of 3% since the start of 2021. While 40% of households (12 million) can utilise gigabit-capable broadband.

We are very excited to see the future of full fibre connectivity come into reality.