Confined Space SA010

This accreditation aims to give learners knowledge, understanding and basic skills in working effectively in confined spaces. It introduces learners to the hazards and risks involved with working in confined spaces and to comply with health and safety legislation. The target audience is aimed at those working in the construction or utilities industry.

Aims and Outcomes

  • Understand the relevant legislation, guidance and organisation requirements for working
    safely in a low risk confined spaces
  • Know how to work safely in a low risk confined space
  • Know how to deal with emergencies in a low risk confined space
  • Understand relevant industry standards for working in low risk confined spaces
  • Understand the communication skills needed for efficient working
  • Be able to work safely in low risk confined spaces

 Course: SA010 – Confined Space

Duration: 2 Days

Minimum Delegates: 4 

Maximum Delegates: 8 

Cost: £270 + VAT

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