Asbestos Awareness SA007

This age-old problem gets a fresh look as we open certain parts of the legacy network areas that may present a problem. The purpose of this accreditation is to train learners with the knowledge of identifying asbestos.

SA007 gives engineers the knowledge of materials containing asbestos, hazards, risks and effects of exposure to asbestos. Knowledge of what to do and how to report exposure to asbestos. Knowledge of how to undertake a risk management processes. Knowledge of asbestos related conditions The target audience are those working on the telecoms network including suppliers and contractors.

By the end of the course, the trainees should know the health hazards associated with asbestos. Know the types, uses and minimum legal requirements concerning asbestosUnderstand prevention and control measures for asbestosKnow the typical hazards and risks associated with asbestosKnow how to deal with an asbestos emergency in the workplace

 Course: SA007 – Asbestos Awareness

Duration: 4 Hours

Minimum Delegates: 4 

Maximum Delegates: 8 

Cost: £100 + VAT

If you would like to train with us, then we would like to hear from you!