Safety Underground SA002

Current SmartAwards best practice for working Underground in the Openreach network. Also applies to all iSPs operating PIA.

This course covers two modules: Gas Testing and Cover Lifting. Learners are provided with the knowledge and skills to identify the hazards and potential risks involved inworking safely on or in proximity to underground structures and operational buildings. This accreditation particularly is aimed at those individuals who undertake work in a telecommunication (or similar utility) environment. It also enables learners to gain knowledge of compliance with Health and Safety legislation. The course tests learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dangers associated with these works and the safety precautions required while working in the underground network.

SA002 will cover you with a licence to operate in the Openreach underground network. It will teach you to access the situation safely, asking questions like “what are spores?”, “What is that odd looking fungus that could lead to poisoning?” “What other Flora and/ or Fauna might you encounter in some of the really old parts of the pottery or even wooden network?”

Duration:  1 Day

Minimum Delegates: 4 

Maximum Delegates: 8 

Cost: £100 + VAT

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